GBT Nyonya Sambal Tumis Paste 180g
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Product SKU GBT Nyonya Sambal Tumis Paste 180g
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Nyonya food, also referred as Straits Chinese food, is an interesting amalgamation of Chinese and Malay Dishes throught to have originated from the Peranakan (Straits Chinese) of Malacca over 600 years ago. This was the result of inter-marriages between Chinese immigrants and local Malays, which produced a unique culture. Here, the ladies are called Nyonyas and the men Babas. Nyonyas Sambal Tumis Paste is an important ingredient of traditional Nyonya food. Its sweet, hot and spicy, so delicious you can't reject its attractions.

Ingredients : Oil, Onion, Garlic, Chillies, Dried Shrimps Paste, Candlenuts, Sugar, Salt & Nyonya Sambal Paste.

娘惹食品,也被称为海峡中餐,是中国和马来菜的有趣融合,起源于六百多年前的马六甲的土生华人。这是中国移民与当地马来人通婚的结果,产生了独特的文化。在这里,女士们被称为Nyonyas,男士被称为Babas。 Nyonyas Sambal Tumis酱是Nyonya传统食品的重要成分。它的甜,辣,辣,美味都让您无法拒绝其吸引力。