SN Organic Black Sesame Seed 90g [India]
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Product SKU SN Organic Black Sesame Seed 90g [India]
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Organic Black Sesame Seed / Bijan Hitam Organik / 有机黑芝麻


Product of India


Many curative, preventive health benefits as it is good for nourishing our liver. Have high levels of sesamin and melanin – good for treating grey hair; inhibit growth of skin cancer cells from UV rays. Linoleic acid has anti aging effect, helps with cholesterol control.


Anti aging food, promote hair growth and color. Contains magnesium and calcium - helps to sleep better. High iron content – good for anaemic patient.

High copper content – reduces pain in joints. Prevents cancer.







Features and keys to good health:

  • Vegan

  • Non GMO

  • Dairy Free

  • Certified Organic