Country Farm Organic Raw Cane Sugar 900g
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In 1987, a research named the “Green Cane Project” revolutionized sugarcane production methods, from soil preparation till development for final products, without using any synthetic chemicals while recycling all nutrients generated in the production process. Its original goal was to develop a self-sustainable sugarcane production system, aiming to realize all the ecological and conservationist potential of the crops. From sugarcane planting until its industrial processing, the highest available technology was integrated to the ancient human knowledge in organic stewardship of land. As a result, Sao Fancisco Mill was certified organic in October 1997. Always innovative and focused on sustainability, Native pioneered the Brazilian production of organic sugar in large scale, becoming the biggest organic agriculture project in the world. 

The organic production of this sugar cane creates ideal living conditions for more than 330 different species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. The whole process in producing this organic raw cane sugar was completely natural. The sugar cane is cultivated with organic fertilizers and natural biological pest controls. The aim of this model of agricultural production are the harmonious co-existence of nature and economic activity and the preservation and encouragement of biodiversity by tapping into its richness to produce food for a growing world. This partnership with nature has transformed and made it a leader in organic Sugar Cane production. 

This sugar is only “green” harvested rather than burning of fields, which not only maintains the quality of the sugar but also preserves the soil and the biodiversity of the farms. Each sugar crystal embodies the pure essence of the sugar cane nectar-the source of its fruity taste. 

1987年,一项名为“绿色甘蔗项目”的研究彻底改变了甘蔗的生产方法,从整地到最终产品的开发,都无需使用任何合成化学物质,而是回收了生产过程中产生的所有养分。它的最初目标是开发一种自我可持续的甘蔗生产系统,旨在实现农作物的所有生态和保护主义潜力。从甘蔗种植到工业加工,最先进的技术已融入人类在土地有机管理方面的古老知识。因此,Sao Fancisco Mill于1997年10月获得有机认证。Native始终具有创新精神,并注重可持续性,在巴西大规模生产有机糖方面开创了先河,成为世界上最大的有机农业项目。